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Demystifying the promise of data and media performance

Data Driven Value


User reach with the creation of the dynamic audience portfolio.


Increase in sales income from the DMP


Increase in income from direct and programmatic sales from january to may 2021 vs last year.


Casa Editorial El Tiempo is the newspaper with the highest circulation in Colombia, for one hundred years it has been characterized as a leading news and content generation publisher.

The solutions and services that El Tiempo provides to its clients are based on audience targeting features where, through the use of the DMP, they had made productization efforts without achieving the expected favorable results. For this reason, Hexagon Data presented and implemented a business offer focused on a data strategy that allowed to enhance the  audiences monetization.

Sell Side

Managed Service • Data Management



Oracle – Bluekai

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Google Ad Manager

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Google Data Studio

Smart Adserver

Duration and Phases

15 Months and 3 Cycles

Cycle 1: Define and structure a brand new campaign taxonomy.

Cycle 2: Enrichment and activation of the audience profiles.

Cycle 3: Audience monetization and campaign performance (adoption and workshop)


An important part of the methodology was to involve the comercial and operational team of El Tiempo, in order to understand their own and customer needs. In order to offer an adequate solution we define the framework with three main points:

  • Audience Strategy Framework: Discovery process with comercial teams to understand the main needs of audiences with their main clients.
  • Audience Analytics: Do a current analysis for each industry on the performance of the DMP considering base KPIs to ensure that the product responds to the expected results.
  • Data Label Structure © (IAB): Define an uniform portfolio structure between buyer-seller, so that, audiences can be classified more effectively.

The Challenge

Casa Editorial El Tiempo for two years had been working with the DMP without obtaining the expected results, it is for this reason that Hexagon Data presented and implemented a business strategy that took full advantage of the potential of the information collected from across all of El Tiempo’s digital properties witch led to audience monetization.


1. Strengthen and Structure

 Strengthen data collection with information from data layers and restructure the taxonomy with a commercial focus, seeking to broaden audience reach.

2. Data Monetization Strategy

Find the best data sets for each business and define the best way to monetize audiences in private and public marketplaces.

3. Optimize

End-to-End optimization service, considering the analysis for ROI campaigns.

4. Knowledge Transfer

To have an experienced team focused in Data Management, to help establish project priorities and using the best practices in each industry.

Our experience with Hexagon Data has been excellent. Their value proposition, which forms part of the implementation and execution of the strategy, is something that really sets them apart in the industry. The knowledge transfer took place in a natural and fast way at all levels, having their work cell working closely with our team. This experience makes us very prepared to face the challenges of the industry that we are having and continue to build a competitive advantage around the data industry.


Daniel Carrión

Audience & Data Strategy Director


Audience Portfolio

It is the universal tool that groups together in an organized way all the segments that it was possible to create for the portfolio according to the business objective and available data.

  • Get a global view of the five audience categories of El Tiempo
  • Measure and monitor the audience reach capacity by segment.
  • Estimate available inventory volume through total impressions and by format.

Commercial Strategy
The customer gradually gets to know El Tiempo’s segmentation products, so the sales executives can have a discussion about the segments available in the portfolio and which are related to the brand and the campaign objectives.

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Google Data Studio


Campaign Report

It is a tool that allows you to evaluate the performance of a specific campaign in several time frames that are established according to the duration of the campaign.

  • Audiences prospecting supported by the portfolio tool.
  • Retargeting excluding those who converted + Lookalike

Commercial Strategy
During the campaign and at the end, the campaign optimization report is prepared to find segments related to engagers.
Targeting optimizations are generated and value insights are delivered.

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Google Data Studio

Sell Sheet

It is a strategic tool the supports the sales process. This report considers graphic visualizations related to the segments to show audience insights so we can capture the customer’s attention. 

Commercial Strategy
The client has already defined a target and wants to advertise in El Tiempo, so the sales executive supports the client to find the best audience (or groups of audiences) according to:

  • The objective of the industry to which it belongs
  • Communication Objective and Strategy: Depending on the goal, different audiences can be used according to the marketing funnel.
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Google Data Studio

sellsheet_el tiempo

Data Driven Value

The Audiences Portfolio, Shell Sheets and Campaign Report, contribute to the process of develop audiences in both, direct and programmatic sales.

They serve as an argumentative basis for the commercial team to close the audiences selling, buy back and long-term relationships with advertisers.

Finally, it allows to the team to carry out consulting sales, starting from the understanding of the value provided by the information collected through all the properties of El Tiempo until the improved campaign results.


User reach with the creation of the dynamic audience portfolio.


Increase in sales income from the DMP


Increase in income from direct and programmatic sales from january to may 2021 vs last year.

Generate a significant impact for your customers.

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