We help you easily transform the digital information into actionable data to make business decisions.

Similarweb has the technology, Hexagon Data has the Know-how

360° Visibility

Explore global market trends,
competitive insights and audience behavior


Zoom in on domain, subdomain, folder, and page-level analytics with flexible tools and custom reports

Real Time

Access fresh data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to track seasonal and yearly market changes

Speed to Insight

Save time extracting market insights
with a single, intuitive interface


Discover your competitors online marketing strategies

Understand better your market and consumer behaviors, benchmark yourself against your competitors, Win your Market with the Power of Digital Intelligence.

Competitive analysis

• Benchmark your traffic and engagement across all marketing channels

• Discover growth opportunities based on what works best for your competitors’ marketing strategies

• Allocate marketing resources wisely based on your competitors paid activities and your traffic share

Compara tu tráfico y engagement contra tu competencia en todas las fuentes de tráfico. Descubre oportunidades de crecimiento basado en lo que está funcionando bien para tus competidores en su estrategia de marketing. Optimiza y distribuye los recursos de campañas de pago eficientemente, basado en el tráfico de la competencia y generación de share.
Partner_SimilarWeb_Keyword Research

Keyword research

• Discover the top keywords generating traffic to your competitors, plus new and trending keywords

• Prioritize keywords based on search volume, actual click rates, paid vs organic clicks, competition and more

• Optimize your traffic share per keyword and monitor the search traffic trends in your industry

Referral research

  • Discover new referral opportunities and grow your market share for existing ones
  • Qualify new partners by analyzing their traffic by channel, engagement, audience interests and performance
  • Monitor your traffic share from each traffic source
Partner_SimilarWeb_Affiliate Research

Ad creative research & media buying

  • Benchmark your paid traffic and engagement performance to your industry and competitors
  • Reveal your competitors search ads, PLAs, Display & Video Ads for any given time period
  • See which publishers and ad networks your competitors are using to target their audience and which ones perform best

Investigación de creativos publicitarios

• Descubre qué anuncios de display y video, copy, mensajes y landing page; usa la competencia para targetizar a su audiencia.

• Analiza y compara tráfico de display y pago vs el performance de la industria y competencia.

• Optimiza el ROI de canales de pago, identificando las palabra clave de tráfico y modifica tus campañas de acuerdo a acciones ganadoras.

Partner_SimilarWeb_Ad Creative Research

They have the best technology to transform your digital information into actionable data. We know how to make it work!

Our team of experts will help you create the best marketing strategies for decision-making that your business needs.


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