I want to create an own data strategy. ( 1st Party Data)

Get to know your audience through all touchpoints and grow your business.



Our Know-how

We have the know-how of technology

We advise you and provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of the technological platform to know your current audience, as well as data schemes to define a good Data Management practice.

•Define the strategy to improve the integration, implementation and orientation on your data to extract the maximum value.



Gather the Data

Work with our experts from CDP and DMPs unifying and activating the power of your own data in a single source of truth.

•Gather data from various sources, from areas of your organization, platforms or providers in a single source of information.

•Get a unified profile of your customers and a holistic view of their touchpoints.

•Hand in hand with our experts define a data structure with standart nomenclatures and taxonomies that are scalable over time and consistent with your industry.



Activate the power of your data

Turn your data into tangible and measurable results by activating it on all channels.

  • Plan, activate, personalize, and optimize based on the insights of your First Party Data.
  • Impulse your campaigns and experiences across all channels with unified user data.


Connect online
with offline

technology Hexagon Match
technology identity magnament

Do you have several digital properties, but do not have your unified audiences? Do you want to understand the digital and physical user?

  • We know the implications of implementing Data Management and Profile Unification technology.
  •  We offer you different possibilities to link the bases of known and anonymous customer
  • We have 10 years of experience in the world of identity graphs, unifying the offline + online world.

The perfect mix of technological capacity + strategic consulting

Create more value than your capture

Specialized Consulting with our experts
Our methodoly is focused on giving structure to the process that goes from collection to customer data.
Unified profile of our customer
With data unification obtain a holistic view of your customer’s journey for business decision making.
More accurate segmentation
Delete the waste of marketing investment on audiences that are not being relevant to the message

Let’s create impact
and value with data.

Generate a significant impact for your customers.

Know and understand your audience

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