Hexagon Data exists for much more than just growth and revenue, we are a B company that seeks to generate a positive impact on humanity and the planet.

Humanize brand experiences.

Hexagon Data is proudly a certified B company, which means that we have been evaluated by B Lab in different areas and have managed to demonstrate our commitment to our community, workers and the environment.

This certification is an honor, which now becomes a great responsability. We know that we can aspire to be better every day, and that we have an important role in education, in our communities, and in creating opportunities for all kind of people.



We have the objective of promoting labor diversity, social mobility and equal opportunities through the generation of professionals. With this purpose, we partner with Inroads Mexico, which is a talent incubator focused on young university students who come from limited socioeconomic segments. Hexagon Data actively recruits talented people committed to their professional and personal growth and development.


Caring for the environment is the main challenge within Hexagon Data. We promote the Green Frontier program with the objective of promoting a forum for discussion, learning, promotion of sustainable environmental practices aimed at reducing our environmental footprint.

We trust that Hexagon Data’s team will contribute to mitigate the environmental crisis and adopt better habits to aim for a future that is more respectful of the planet and biodiversity


With these actions we express our commitment to our workers, present and future generations, and in general to our community. The B certification engourages us to continue improving and reminds us that our actions have an impact, positive or negative, and we are responsible for them.

Certified B Company- Community