Sell Side
We have been developing specialized services for you (publisher) in order to increase the revenue from your programmatic channels
Sell Side
If you are you looking for a specialized Ad Ops team to manage your digital properties, we can help you to achive your goals. We work with all platforms: Web, Apps, Addressable TV & Radio.
Sell Side
Are your clients talking about data?, Do you want to activate Audiences in your campaigns but don’t know how to do it? Do you want to know what kind of users are visiting your digital properties? Let’s talk about data! We can help you to activate the full power of your audiences!, Do you want to learn about 3rd party cookies?

Specialized team in the implementation, administration, and use of Ad tech platforms.

Certified team in implementation, management, and use of Ad Tech tools


Monetization Service

Are you looking to improve your ad strategy operations? Is managing programmatic demand for you rocket science? Are you looking to increase your income through the potential of the data generated by your digital properties? Are you looking for new monetization partners (SSPs)? Don’t have an Ad Ops team who manages your Ad Server and operates your commercial campaigns?

Programmatic monetization

We help you to understand, implement and optimize your monetization through programmatic channels.


  • Prebid Implementation, Open Auction Optimization.
  • PubMatic OpenWrap

Audience Monetization

We define a data strategy with you, we work with your IT team to implement a DMP, we analyze the needs of your clients and connect the data with other platforms, we build audience understanding through data visualizations, content creation, and campaign optimization.


  • DMP Implementation.
  • DMP Managed Service.

Management and operation of Ad Servers

We support the operation of your digital campaigns and the management of your Ad Server for Display, Video, Apps and Addressable TV inventory.



  • Managed Service for Ad Ops and SSPs.

Centralization of Web Analytics

Development of Dashboards and analysis of information for decision making.


  • Data integration and reporting for Datorama
  • Open Wrap
  • Open Auction
  • Campaign Analytics

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